Why selling in big retail stores is still critical for business

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that stocking your products in retail stores is not a critical part of a consumer purchase journey.

Before eCommerce was a ‘thing’, researching and browsing products online, drove in-store footfall – now, it can be the other way around. People can see something in-store, safe in the knowledge they can buy online since it’s more convenient. It’s not uncommon to see something in-store and check via a mobile device if it’s available to purchase online – or it it’s cheaper elsewhere. Right there and then.

“Retailers can influence perception of your product”

Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Association to a good retailer – also says something about the quality of your product. “If Selfridges are stocking it, it must be good.”

2. It’s easier for consumers to ask questions or see demos of your product in-store. Something that can be difficult to do online.

3. Never underestimate what stocking in retail can do for brand awareness. This channel often ‘pulls in’ people that ‘weren’t looking for your product’ in the first place. Window shopping is still ‘a thing’. It’s great for impulse buyers & penetrating an entire new audience.

4. Big retail stores also provide context to your products –  since they place your product in a ‘category’ – EG: Kitchenware.

5. Aside from that. buyers in retail are savvy to know what products will ‘sell’. So – if anything, get aligned to them & distribution partners to understand future product trends.


Retail Stores in the UK

Consumers are becoming more demanding and are influencing sales techniques now more than ever.

Expectation is that your product is available ‘everywhere’. Digital technology has made for impatient consumers, but it also caters for this impatience. We live in a ‘I want it right now’ era – and if your product is not available exactly when a consumer wants it, and where they are – they could go for a competitor product.

Not everyone buys via digital channels

Some people forget about generation X – who are poised to take over from the baby boomers as the biggest consumer spenders. According to American Express – they have more spending power than any other generation. Whilst they are rapidly getting aligned to buying online, (Heads Group have seen brilliant ROI for women 45+ via Facebook advertising for one of our brands for example) they are still big on shopping in-store, needing assistance and are likely to spend money on quality products… see point above.

Final Word from Nitesh Sharoff, Heads Group Director

“The truth is – brands simply need to create a balance of sales channels. You need to be where your consumers are at – and right now, they are everywhere. You can weight your marketing spend to one channel – but selling via retail stores will just mean that wherever your consumers ‘look’, you can be front of mind. And front of mind is where we all need to be to drive brand awareness & revenue.

We connect buyers in our retail network, to sellers in our partner portfolio for this very reason. Presence in retail stores simply reinforces a consumers choice on purchasing your product – and that cannot be a bad thing”


About Heads Group

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