Don’t make the mistake of thinking that stocking your products in retail stores is not a critical part of a consumer purchase journey.

Before eCommerce was a ‘thing’, researching and browsing products online, drove in-store footfall – now, it can be the other way around. People can see something in-store, safe in the knowledge they can buy online since it’s more convenient. It’s not uncommon to see something in-store and check via a mobile device if it’s available to purchase online – or it it’s cheaper elsewhere. Right there and then. (read more…)

Being a company in America must be tough. The shear volume of consumers to cater for, the high numbers of products on offer, the number of other similar companies like yours. It just feels like making a mark either needs an exceptional product proposition – or some big money behind it. But – there is another way. Have you ever thought to sell your products across international shores? Find out why you should add it to your business roadmap below. (read more…)

“We knew the brand would be popular but we’ve witnessed a very real and sustained demand and we’re eagerly anticipating the next big thing from Infruition.” – SELFRIDGES

Using market intelligence, Heads Group realised that there was a gap in the market for a sustainable & practical fruit infused water bottle – one that solved a real problem. That is, to offer consumer choice to increase water intake in a more enticing way, but without choking on fruit bits in the water. Unfortunately, what was on the market consisted of poorly made bottles that were likely to not have the longest shelf life for consumers. Most notably, none of these alternatives were sold via nationwide retailers which was surprising.

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The Infruition Mini joins the rest of the range of fruit infusing water range

Introducing the new Infruition Mini

By popular demand from customers, Heads Group have extended the current Infruition fruit infusing water bottle range by launching the Infruition mini – a smaller version of their bestseller, the Infruition Sport’s bottle. It’s the perfect fashion accessory and the perfect size for your handbag. (read more…)


Infruition expand into new markets

Infruition are bringing forward their regional expansion plans to cater for ever growing demand of the increasingly popular Infruition fruit infusing water bottles. Since the brand launched, via our retail network, exclusively with household name Selfridges and partnered with the likes of Weight Watchers, Clinique, Virgin to name a few,  it’s market share has increased dramatically (read more…)