Business Development

Our business development team that think about the long-term opportunities here at Heads Group. They look after premium products and work out strategies for excelling growth and value – both with existing customers and new brands wanting to sell via our retail network.  To facilitate growth from customers, markets and partners, they strive to be innovative in leveraging relationships to increase brand awareness, hit targets, and ultimately increase revenue. They’re constantly challenged to think of better ways we can do things, and creativity is truly valued.


Customer Service

Our Customer Service team ensures that the people who buy our wide range of products all have a positive experience when they contact us, going above and beyond to helping people.

To compliment Customer Service, we have a Product Research team who are located both in the UK and overseas. These guys are in charge of expanding the company’s product catalogue through innovative thinking, analysing market trends, and understanding the nuts and bolts of products.



Our finance team are a bit different from the norm. They’re a sociable bunch and feel passionately about building strong relationships. They provide analysis, insightful reports and commercially focused recommendations to the business. Always looking at the money coming in, going out, and making any stress points less stressful! On top of that, they ensure we’re in line with GAAP, HMRC, and financial legislation both in the UK and abroad.


Creative & Marketing

Our creative and marketing ethos is based on solving problems with purpose – working closely with clients to deliver unforgettable experiences. Our expertise covers everything from data analysis and omni-channel marketing to product development & branding, so the output is more than just what ‘looks’ pretty. We’re committed to ensuring any interaction with your brand – is a seamless experience for your customer – and for you.


Purchasing & Operations

Our Operations team is responsible for processing sales orders. These come in from e-commerce portals (both Merchants’ and our own). We sort out the logistics, getting products from the warehouse directly to our customers and the partners in our retail network.  We use a variety of sophisticated systems and in-house databases to record sales, keep track of stock levels, and provide detailed information to other teams.

Working closely together with operations, is our Purchasing team. It’s their job to predict sales and make sure we have the optimum level of stock at all times. We use a “Kanhan” based supply chain system, which keeps us on our toes and makes every day an interesting one! Part of this is making sure our goods are transported from suppliers to our global distribution centres in the most cost effective way, that can be scaled up to meet the dynamic needs of the business. Once the goods hit the distribution centres, they seamlessly hand over to Operations.



The affiliate sales and online marketplace teams are always the first to know about the world’s trending products. From product testing to negotiating with international buyers and making sure we have the best deals available on e-commerce marketplaces – they’re always busy!

With a range of products covering all categories, we’re in a position where we can offer the best products, bundles and deals at competitive prices and see a high return. We thrive on having new, exciting products coming in, taking ownership of deals, and seeing them fly off the virtual shelves!