The story of Infruition & Selfridges

“We knew the brand would be popular but we’ve witnessed a very real and sustained demand and we’re eagerly anticipating the next big thing from Infruition.” – SELFRIDGES

Using market intelligence, Heads Group realised that there was a gap in the market for a sustainable & practical fruit infused water bottle – one that solved a real problem. That is, to offer consumer choice to increase water intake in a more enticing way, but without choking on fruit bits in the water. Unfortunately, what was on the market consisted of poorly made bottles that were likely to not have the longest shelf life for consumers. Most notably, none of these alternatives were sold via nationwide retailers which was surprising.

Nitesh Sharoff & Kunal Kapoor, Directors of Heads Group,  devised a product development & go-to-market plan to bring a dream of a bottle that had consumers front of mind.

Part of that plan was to showcase the brand at consumer trade shows, which is where Selfridges came in.

The day that Infruition & Selfridges met

Selfridges, the world-famous retailer founded on Oxford Street, London in 1909, began selling Infruition products in August 2015. Having discovered the brand at the Pulse 2015 show at Kensington Olympia in London, just a few months before, the retailer opted to test an initial order of the Infruition Sport alongside a schedule of in-store demonstration events, collaborative social media campaigns and an online media plan to boot.

The success of these in-store demonstrations led to the sale of over 150 units in 48 hours and continual high volume reorders over the following months. The in-store demonstrations were also a perfect opportunity to demonstrate the great flavours that can be achieved by infusing water with fruit, herbs and spices. Many times, consumers were shocked by the strength and depth of the flavours and these promotional activities secured an increase in sales. The demonstrations allowed consumers to experience the potential flavours created by infusing water with Infruition.

The phenomenal in-store success of the product was also boosted though a collaborative social-media campaign – demonstrating that the all encompassing go to market plan, complemented retail partner sales strategies.

What we all had to say about it

Carmen Hubble, our Business Development Manager for Infruition, had this to say about the strength of the retail partnership: “We couldn’t be happier with the success of the in-store demonstration events and of the fantastic results Selfridges has achieved. And of course, meeting the consumer is a hugely rewarding part of the process and the enthusiasm surrounding our products is infectious.”

“The huge success of the Infruition brand in our shops was a pleasant surprise;” says Robert Falconer, Senior Buyer at Selfridges, “we knew the brand would be popular but we’ve witnessed a very real and sustained demand and we’re eagerly anticipating the next big thing from Infruition. Selfridges is proud to be at the forefront of the retail demand for Infruition.”

Where are in Infruition today?

Infruition is now stocked at over 80 retailers throughout the UK including Debenhams, Joy, TK-Maxx and Scribbler with repeat orders occurring on a weekly & monthly basis.

Awareness of the Infruition brand has increased tenfold, with the products featured in the press often (EG: Elle, Glamour Magazine, The Metro, The Evening Standard & Stylist magazine to name a few) and Infruition selling into new international markets.

Bringing this brand to consumers is a great example of how Heads Group can create & develop products from scratch and sell into a network at high volume. Do you have a product you would like to sell through our retail network? Get in touch here.


The Infruition Range of products

The Infruition range includes, Infruition Sport (made from 100% BPA free plastic & perfect on the go to complement your exercise regime), the Infruition Classic (made of glass and more suited to sip from and keep on your desk), Infruition Kids (like the Infruition Sport, but smaller to cater for little hands – they include a fancy graphic on the side too), the Infruition Starter Pack (this includes an Infruition Sports bottle in your choice of colour, 7 silicon freezer pods and a 28 day recipe booklet) and our Infruition Jug (a 1ltr fruit infusing jug to keep on the dinner table for all of the family). Browse the fruit infusing range here.

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